I’m Sean, I am an example of the power of personal transformation

I have experience as an entrepreneur, competition level athlete, and spent over 12 years in U.S-based market-leading software companies most recently serving as Vice President of Sales. I founded my first company at 32 after overcoming some of my life’s greatest personal challenges.

I worked four years with world-renowned spiritual teacher and life coach Justine Ruszczyk Damond. I learned how to free myself from the past, I learned how to connect to purpose, and from here I learned how to create my best life!

I learned that we all get everything that we want in life if our thoughts, feelings, and actions level up to it.

I help people like you free yourself from the past (all of it), connect to your highest purpose, and from here live your best life!

Guiding you to overcome the personal challenges that have held you back and teaching you to attract the relationships and business opportunities that support your biggest vision.

I prioritize looking after myself, enjoyment, and being useful to others. I love adventure traveling, surfing, and snowboarding.

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I love working with inspiring creators, professionals, and impactful businesses. I have worked with Vuori Clothing, Quiksilver, and Burton Snowboards. I give to the Chill Foundation to support youth’s positive development through boardsports.

Hire me to speak to your athletes, your team, or hit me up directly if you have an idea for brand partnerships or collaborations.

Excited to hear from you!

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